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Dental Treatments :: Whiten your TEETH

Whiten your TEETH

Coffee, tea, smoking and wine – these are just a few of life’s little pleasures that can, over time, stain your teeth and leave you feeling less attractive. Luckily there are now surgery-based and home-based teeth whitening treatments available to undo the damage.


Tooth whitening uses a bleaching process to remove stains and discolouration of the teeth and give them a whiter appearance. At our dental clinic we offer a range of teeth whitening services that can provide lasting effects of up to ten years, teeth whitening is a great way to stay looking younger!


White teeth for life

We feel that every patient deserves a beautiful white smile they can be proud of. We are excited to offer our patients a unique program we call White for Life. All patients who are interested in enhancing their smile by using one of our convenient and efficient teeth whitening systems are eligible to become part of this amazing program.


Once you have booked your whitening session at our clinic you will receive everything you need for a wonderful white smile that lasts forever!


A whitening session includes the following:

  • Custom made bleaching trays
  • Bleach Starter kit
  • Thorough whitening instruction
  • Bleaching syringe at EVERY hygiene recall appointment (Max 3 syringes per year)

All we ask is that you maintain our recommended cleaning and exam regimen, inform us 48 hours in advance of rescheduling or cancelling appointments, and keep your financial account balance current.

If you are a new patient or not seen a dentist within 12 months you will need a whitening consultation. This offer cannot be used with any other offers or payment plans. Terms and conditions apply.


Home-based teeth whitening: Tray based whitening

This teeth whitening method uses custom-made, thin plastic guards which are supplied with and are designed to hold a teeth whitening gel to whiten your teeth at home. These trays – one for your top teeth and one for your bottom teeth – are made at the surgery by casting a model of your teeth. The teeth whitening process involves wearing the gel-filled trays overnight, during a two-week period. They can both be worn at the same time or separately.

This teeth whitening process takes longer than surgery-based teeth whitening, but the with the advantage of giving you control over your final result.

Whitening must be suitable for your mouth. Our dentist will assess this at your first appointment.


Get a fantastic smile with a range of our cosmetic dental services. Call us today to book an appointment.

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